MYXclusive: KZ Is So Excited For Her First Major Solo Concert!

This is KZ's year as the "Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako" singer's career continues to move uphill! She is all set and ready for her much-awaited first major solo concert at the Music Museum on April 17!

After getting a MYXclusive preview during her photo shoot, we caught up with KZ for the second time and she revealed more reasons why you should watch "KZ: The Concert"!

KZ shared with us that she's a perfectionist. Being an artist, she doesn't settle easily! But for this upcoming concert, she has the help of many talented people in the business including director Marvin Caldito who said, "KZ doesn't need such a big stage! Excited lang talaga kami para sa concert niya at sa mga pasabog niya!"

KZ continues to dream big and hopes that she'll be able to bring her concert to other countries so that people can experience what will happen on April 17!

Check out our MYXclusive interview with KZ in the video below!


How excited are you for KZ's first major solo concert? Feel free to leave a comment!