WATCH: Meet The New Filipino Character Of TEKKEN 7, JOSIE RIZAL!

It has officially just been confirmed in a special Tekken 7 livestream broadcast from Bandai Namco Games' headquarters in Shinagawa Tokyo that there is indeed a new Filipino character for the newest installment of the Tekken franchise - just as many of us expected!

She's named "Josie Rizal" after our national hero! The news was supposed to be released on a later date, but the team decided to get the word out already due to leaks! Tekken project lead Katsuhiro Harada also unveiled two more new playable characters!

Mark Julio, Global Community and Sponsorship Manager of video game company Mad Catz, has worked with the Tekken team before and played a big role in creating this new Filipino character! He posted photos which revealed more details about Josie Rizal!


A cleaner shot of TEKKEN newcomer Josie Rizal! Adorning the colors of the Philippine flag, this powerful pinay is the...

Posted by Mark Julio on Sunday, March 29, 2015


Introducing Josie Rizal. The first character of Philippine descent in the TEKKEN series. Her name is a tribute to one of...

Posted by Mark Julio on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Get a preview of the first Filipino character on Tekken - Josie Rizal - in the video below!

Video Source: tekkenchannel

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