KATY PERRY's New Hair - Yay Or Nay?

"This is how Katy Does!"

Hey KatyCats, check it out! Katy Perry unveiled her new hairstyle on Instagram and we think she's looking fiercer than ever! The photo was originally captioned "chop chop", but now it says "I asked for the Kris Jenner".


????I asked for the Kris Jenner????

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The "This Is How We Do" singer decided to chop off her locks and get this new pixie cut!  This is the first time we've seen Katy with her real hair this short, but we've got to give it up for her because she still looks rockin'!

Looks like us Filipino fans will be one of the first to see her new hairdo while she jams onstage since there's only about a month left until Katy Perry's concert in the Philippines! So stay "wide awake" KatyCats, because Katy Perry is ready to hear us "roar"!

What do you think of Katy Perry's new hairdo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!