New Year's Resolutions from the Itchyworms!

It's been an awesome musical 2011 for the Itchyworms with their singles on the MYX charts for weeks, one of their earlier albums,  Little Monsters Under Your Bed just celebrated its 10th anniversary and the band also had a big musical treat for their friends, family and fans during their 15th year anniversary concert, 1tchyworm5!

So what do the boys want to accomplish this year as their New Year's Resolution? Chino and Jugs shared their goals with us for 2012!

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Chino Singson, lead guitarist - My New Year's Resolutions: Spend more quality time with loved ones. Save more, spend less. Exercise more and eat healthy.

Jugs Jugueta, vocalist and rhythm guitarist - New album!

The Itchyworms performed during 2011's MYX Mo! Catch it's airing until 4:00 PM today! Tune in now!