Gracenote Ends 2011 on a High Note

There were more highs than lows in Gracenote's yesteryear. After they guested at ABS-CBNÆs Music Uplate Live in 2010, their journey has been on an upwards trajectory, and 2011 wasn't any different.

Vocalist Eunice Jorge cited several highlights from the past year, including being part of super group BBS and performing on their first major concert, "One Stage. One Night." Plus, their video "Minsan Lang Naman" premiered on MYX and peaked at #9 on MYX Daily Top 10!

Naturally, the next logical thing to ask is where they're headed for 2012, and we weren't disappointed. Gracians, pay attention, because Gracenote's album "First Movement" will be released this year! According to Eunice, the album features 8 tracks, and to use her words, "Sobrang luto na siya."

Hear the rest of the highlights and more good news from Eunice herself.