jOePM: How It All Started

New Jersey-born YouTube star AkoSiChris became an unlikely ambassador of OPM through a series of OPM covers he posted on YouTube. This true blue OPM aficionado attracted an online following with his heartfelt renditions of OPM classics complete with his American accent. (Check out his YouTube page to watch some of his versions)

According to him, OPM became his way of learning Tagalog. "Initially, when I first heard OPM, it was about the melody. I had no idea what the bands were singing about. It drew me in, so I had to learn more about it."

"I first heard 'Alapaap' in Malate or Luneta. Immediately I went out and bought Eraserheads records," he shared. "Then I heard 'Elesi' [by] Rivermaya. I had to get those records." And the rest was history.

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  • benchristian

    posted 5 years ago

    aztig, hanga sia s music ng pinoy,pati artist ng pinoy