BeyoncT: Year of 4 Now Showing on MYX!



MYX Presents offers a weekend treat for all the fans of the Queen B! Taking a break after her "I Am..." Tour, fans will get a glimpse of BeyoncT's life behind the cameras and how the powerhouse diva is like when she's not onstage performing. "Year of 4" allows a rare peek into the superstar's professional as well as personal life. Get to go behind the scenes as this documentary takes you through BeyoncT's preparations in making her latest album "4".

Catch the special feature "BeyoncT - Year of 4" airing today at 4PM-5PM on MYX Presents!



  • alexasuarez

    posted 5 years ago

    I started to love the Online Voting , kesa sa text .. .hehe wala kasi akong load lagi .