Sharon Cuneta Joins Twitter

The Megastar's Twitter avatar

Megastar Sharon Cuneta surprised Twitterverse by joining the microblogging site last Friday which was also her birthday.

The Megastar, who uses the handle @sharon_cuneta12, initially tweeted:

I've finally given in! Am finally tweeting - for the first time ever - after receiving so many sweet bday msgs. I am overwhelmed. 2 days ago via web + powered by @socialditto

It seems she's enjoying tweeting so far, replying to her followers and sharing her activities. She even shared why her Twitter handle has the number 12, tweeting, "Some are asking why I put a "12" after my twitter name. It's just cos it's 2012.:-)"

Husband Kiko Pangilinan, who himself has 200,000+ followers, and daughter KC Concepcion, who greeted 2012 with a million+ followers, warmly welcomed the seasoned actress/singer and Twitter newbie.

@sharon_cuneta12 welcome to twitter to my sweetheart of 17 years and my wife of 15 years and going and going and going! 1 day ago via web + powered by @socialditto

So, looks like som1 i know well is on twitter! To those who wna follow my birthday girl momeyh on twitter, it's official! sharon_cuneta12 xx 2 days ago via UberSocial for iPhone + powered by @socialditto

The Megastar isn't following anyone on Twitter yet, but has since gained 18,000+ followers.

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