WATCH: ADAM LEVINE's Scary Onstage Encounter With Fan!

We know you can't wait for Maroon 5 to perform again in Manila and get your hands on Adam Levine! But you gotta control yourself so you don't end up like this girl!

The overly enthusiastic concert-goer came running onstage to give Adam a hug during Maroon 5's show in Anaheim! The band frontman was initially startled by the sudden "attack", but got props from fans for how he handled the situation! 

Unfortunately, they didn't have nice words to say about the girl who was escorted off the stage by security!


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So what did Adam have to say after the whole "fan attack"? He admitted to the crowd, "It's just weird to be, like, in the moment, you know? And you're singing, and your eyes are closed, and you have this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know someone's f*cking in your face! It's super terrifying."


Poor Adam way to end the tour with a cut ear #AdamLevine #maroon5 #stayoffstageidiot

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Adam even said he got a cut on his ear from the fan as she tried to hug him! But he stayed sweet about it and shook it off for the crowd. "See right here? She cut my ear with her fingernail. But it's all good!"


Wow #AdamLevine

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Despite the unexpected incident, the concert was still amazing and definitely another night to remember!

What can you say about this fan who attacked Adam Levine? Feel free to leave a comment!