MYXclusive: THE SCRIPT Had An Unforgettable Night With Filipino Fans!

"I am never going to forget this night with you all! We are taking this night to our graves. Thank you so much!" said frontman Danny O’Donoghue during The Script's "No Sound Without Silence" tour at the Mall of Asia Arena last April 17! Together with guitarist Mark Sheehan and drummer Glen Power, the Irish band professed that Manila is one of the best tour stops in the world!

The Script started off the show by "painting the town green" with a parade of green flags as they made their way to the stage! The guys later sang some of our favorites, "Hail, Rain or Sunshine", "Breakeven" and "Superheroes"!

It seems they're equally excited about the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight! Danny as "Floyd" pretended to spar with Mark who wore boxing gloves signed by Pacman himself!

When it came to performing "Man On A Wire", the guys humorously warned fans to be careful with songs you write because you'll never know what you'll have to do when it comes to making the music video! Mark played guitar horizontally on the side of a building, Glen played the drums on the edge, while Danny became the literal man on a wire in the video which is currently on the MYX charts!

Another fun moment was when Danny asked an audience member to call their ex and give the phone to him! "Hey, this is Danny from The Script! Stay on the line..." he said before singing "Nothing"! Throughout the song, he would hold out the phone for the audience to sing to whoever was on the other end of the line and he would talk back as well! 

Just when we thought the guys left us hanging, Danny, Mark and Glen came out by surprise at the back of the arena where a smaller stage was found and a spotlight shined on the three for an even more intimate performance!

"We were very broke, very poor before you guys fell in love with our music. You've given us the best eight years of our life and I want to thank you so much! It's very rare that we get so many like-minded people under one roof. Different religions, different colors, different races, different everything. That's the power of music. To the Filipino people - you guys absolutely love music through and through 'cause it's there for you no matter what. That brings me to our next song. We made a special version for you guys here today and I really want everybody to sing this because it's not just our song but it's yours as well, because you guys helped out...". said Danny who dedicated the all-time favorite "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" to all of their Filipino fans!

That's what really sets The Script apart - how they take time to share their inspiring experiences and stories from their journey to musical success! They also made sure to interact with fans as Danny came rushing down through the audience at different parts of the arena!

Nearing the end, he reminded fans not to be too caught up on taking photos and videos of the concert because they might miss out on something good! "Something that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, something that we can take to heaven with us, something we won’t forget, you can’t get those things if you stay on your phone. So for this one song, just live in the moment, yeah?” With that, he asked everyone to use their phones that night for a different purpose - raise them instead to make a heavenly atmosphere of lights all around!

They concluded the show with an explosive performance of "Hall Of Fame" as everyone sang together as one! The Script left Manila in awe once again and left us filled with memories we'll take with us til their next visit!

Here's some MYXclusive footage from The Script's concert!


What was your most unforgettable moment at The Script's concert? Do you have a special shoutout for Danny, Mark and Glen? Send the lads some love by leaving a comment!