MYXclusive: CHARLI XCX Had Manila Booming And Clapping!

Where's all the fun when you follow the rules?

Hailing from Cambridge, England, rebellious wild child Charli XCX came to the Philippines for the first time and tore the house down as she broke the rules and had all her Filipino Angels wildin' during her Live In Manila concert last April 18 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura!

We know Charli XCX for her signature tongue-in-cheek "b*tch-pop" style! And although she knows that her music isn't exactly the cherry on top for everyone's taste buds, she's got more than enough Filipino Angels she needs to party it up with!

"It's the first time I came to your beautiful country! I'm so f*cking happy to be here. You all are f*cking amazing! Now let's have some fun!" said the 22-year old singer-songwriter to her fans that night!

After opening the show with the title track of her sophomore album Sucker, Charli brought out a blow-up black and white guitar and rocked it out like a Queen of Swag during "Breaking Up"! 

She had everybody jumping and singing along with her as she performed the hit she wrote for Icona Pop, "I Love It"! She performed more songs from Sucker: "London Queen", "Break The Rules" and "Gold Coins"!

For her encore, Charli XCX and her band returned onstage to perform "Grin" and of course, "Boom Clap"! "You gotta help me out with this one, Manila! You ready? Yeah!" Charli said to the crowd before performing her last song of the night! She then had everyone's hands swaying side to side! "Manila put your arms up in the sky!" 

Charli XCX literally left the crowd booming and clapping! Her first time in Manila was definitely a memorable one! Her Angels left the venue singing her songs with a grin of satisfaction that couldn't be taken away by anyone!

Here's some MYXclusive footage from the show:


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