MYXclusive: JANELLA SALVADOR Teases About Her Upcoming Debut Album!

Oh My G! Janella Salvador's fans are excited for her debut album under Star Music and we were "blessed" enough to meet the young star during her photoshoot! 

"I can't believe it, na finally I'm gonna get my own album! Parang before lang I was just wishing na parang sana in the future mabigyan ako pero I didn't expect it to be this soon, so I'm super happy!" said Janella during our one-on-one chat! She may not believe that she's coming out with an album so soon, but we sure can! Because with an exceptional voice like hers, she definitely deserves it!

Getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her youthful, fun and vibrant photoshoot, we can expect a similar vibe from her album!

Check out our MYXclusive interview with Janella in the video below!


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    posted 2 years ago

    vote na natin ang I can na MV niya

  • BrandyLaxamana

    posted 2 years ago

    This must be oh so exciting!!! FINALLY!!! So excited with Janella's debut album! Gaaaahhhh!!! And... wait, did I heard it right? She will have a duet with Marlo Mortel?! Oh yes!!! The two have a great voices tho! And that seems so nakaka-kilig! This time they'll have a duet na :) mas nakaka-excite! Hopin' that they'll also have a Music Video ;) God bless Janella! Proud of you! <3