MYXclusive: RIVERMAYA Launches New Music Video!

Rivermaya still continues to make waves in the local music scene. The Banda ng Bayan launched their brand new music video “Nasa Sa’yo” at 70s Bistro last April 23. "Nasa Sa'Yo" - which features Gloc-9 - is from their latest album Panatang Makabanda.

During our interview, Mark Escueta stated that their current single is about "not becoming a slave to your past". The band loved the idea of incorporating a rap verse in this particular song so they're very happy collaborating with Gloc-9.

“Nasa Sa’yo” was shot in Dubai which was perfect for the music video because of its refreshing ambiance. Plus, the band was touring with Gloc-9 that time!

Artists such as Group Hug, Read Between the Lions, Bullet Dumas, and Alasmedya served as the opening acts at the launch. Rivermaya took the stage after the official music video viewing party.

Rivermaya's music never ceases to amaze Filipinos for 21 years now! Don’t forget to vote for “Nasa Sa’yo” here on MYX!

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