JESSIE J Fans React Violently To Her Unfollowing Spree!

Jessie J recently went on an unfollowing spree on Twitter and left fans feeling upset, calling her "rude" and "ungrateful"!

The number of people she used to follow has decreased by half, with just a bit over 400 people now. The "Bang Bang" singer-songwriter addressed fans who responded negatively.


But some hurt fans could not be pacified!

A huge fan who handles the account @JESSIEWORLDWIDE was upset as well!

On the other hand, some stood by her side!

How would you react if your favorite artist unfollowed you? Do you have a message for Jessie J? Feel free to leave a comment!



  • rodney_cullen

    posted 2 years ago

    1 of the best female vocalist today but the only 1 that I've heard that is unappreciative & ungrateful to her fans. So tell me will ya, why does she did an unfollowing spree in the 1st place?!