MYXclusive: ROCKSTEDDY Goes "Rapsteddy" On New Album!

For almost a decade, Rocksteddy has been known in the local music scene for its signature alternative rock sound with mushy and sometimes funny lyrics. But on their latest album Rapsteddy Kinagat Ng Seven Lions, the band came up with an unexpected twist! They created an amusing hip-hop oriented set of songs that totally made Rocksteddy’s sound very different than their previous records.

Rapsteddy Kinagat Ng Seven Lions is packed with hilarious rap verses, synths, and giddy beats. If you listen to the carrier single “Katol”, you’ll surely get what the whole album is all about!

Frontman Teddy Corpuz said in our MYXclusive interview that the six-track album took a year to produce. It was originally supposed to have seven songs, hence the "Seven Lions" kicker. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, the seventh track was not pulled off by the band.

After performing “Katol” at their presscon, the band said that they are very happy with the outcome of this “not-really-serious-and-it’s-just-for-pure-fun” Rocksteddy record. According to Teddy, local rappers such as Abra, Loonie, and Smugglaz greatly influenced him in creating a hip-hop driven album!

Rapsteddy Kinagat Ng Seven Lions by Rocksteddy is already out! Also, make sure to check out the “Katol” music video on MYX!

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