NESCAFÉ Cappuccino #TakesYouAway With A Music Video Featuring A Fresh Take On An E-Heads Original!

Our lives can taste just as indulgent as NESCAFÉ Cappuccino if we just slow things down, take a moment and let things play!

NESCAFÉ Cappuccino launched a unique music video that definitely #TakesYouAway. What’s special about this particular campaign directed by Jay Tablente is that it is the Philippines’ first-ever cinemagraph short film!

Watch the beautiful music video here:

NESCAFÉ Cappuccino Takes You Away

Take a moment with NESCAFE Cappuccino, take it easy and be taken away. Now let things play.

Posted by NESCAFÉ on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Video Source:

Kakaiba talaga ‘tong video, because it features these art-mazing pieces of surreal and breathtaking still images with slight motion – slowly but surely giving you that relaxing, daydreaming feel that we all need every once in a while to help ease our minds!

Oh, and did we mention that this music video also features a beautiful rendition of “With A Smile,” originally written by the popular 90s band Eraserheads. Medyo throwback ang kanta, but it was given a fresh take, interpreted by a young and rising artist Moira Dela Torre! Her captivating voice perfectly compliments the visual art, creating this absolutely mesmerizing short film! Just as the campaign encourages, the song reminds us that “you’ll easily get by with a smile!”

Like sweet reverie, the NESCAFÉ Cappuccino music video will actually make you feel like you’re freely floating away on a cloud, without a worry on your way to your wonderland!

Lahat tayo kailangan din ng break! So free your mind, indulge in a foamy cup of NESCAFÉ Cappuccino, and allow your senses to be taken away with this beautiful music video that will surely leave you with a smile!