LOOK: Filipino #Katycat Takes An Epic Selfie With KATY PERRY!

This certified KatyCat is definitely the luckiest Katy Perry fan in the Philippines and probably even the world!

Martee Viray - a very passionate fan of Katy Perry was at her Prismatic World Tour Concert at the Philippine Arena last May 7, and was personally chosen by his idol out of the 30,000 people present to help her speak our language!

Aside from the entertaining Filipino 101 onstage, Martee was also able to hug Katy tight, drink from her water bottle (which was even given to him afterwards) and had a full-on selfie spree with the one and only Katy Perry!

We could go on and on about how lucky this KatyCat is, but we'll let him do the talking! We were able to have a MYXclusive one-on-one with Martee Viray right after his extraordinary experience with Katy Perry! Check it out in the video below:


How would you feel if you were able to meet, hug and have a selfie spree with the one and only Katy Perry? Share us your thought in the comments section!



  • claireyu13

    posted 2 years ago

    Best concert ever!!! its my first time to attend such kind of concert and to think it was Katy Perry who's my only idol! You gave an infinite amazing performance!!!