WATCH: ED SHEERAN Releases Super Adorable Video For "Photograph"!

The charmingly awkward Ed Sheeran unveiled the official video for "Photograph" and exposed some of his most adorable home videos starting from when he was just a little baby!

Most artists would probably want to keep that footage private, but not Ed Sheeran! He's proud of his mop of ginger hair and his old geeky glasses! The entire music video is a compilation of his baby clips, childhood, teenage years, all the way to the talented and successful man he has become! Coincidentally, this music video is the perfect gift for his mum on Mother's Day!

Watch Ed Sheeran's "Photograph" music video below:

Video Source: Ed Sheeran

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  • pinkoyyy

    posted 2 years ago

    how to vote for this? :D