LOOK: NIALL HORAN Pranked By Bandmates!

Putting aside all of the recent drama between Louis Tomlinson and former bandmate Zayn Malik, the lads of One Direction seem to still be in good spirits! Two of the lads, specifically Liam Payne and his partner-in-crime Louis, recently pulled off a classic prank all for fun on their bandmate Niall Horan! But what they didn't know, was that their little prank would backfire right at them!

Together, Liam and Louis freely "decorated" Niall's pride and joy luxury - a black Range Rover - with toilet paper, a giant teddy bear, a rake and other random objects that just made the whole prank hilarious!


Oh no Niall !!

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After all of the fun and laughs, Liam and Louis made one little mistake after posting photos of their "masterpiece"! They didn't realize that they just exposed Niall's plate number!


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It wasn't long after the guys posted online that their fans noticed the clear display of Niall's plate number! It's a good thing that Niall took it pretty lightly and saw the funny side of it and decided to just laugh it off!

What did you think of Liam and Louis' prank on Niall? How would you react if your friends did a similar prank on you? Feel free to share your reactions by leaving us a comment!