MYXclusive:: URBANDUB Says Goodbye In Bittersweet "ENDLESS" Concert!

Urbandub, the Cebu-based rock band who emerged under Southern lights and greatly influenced many music fans with their awe-inspiring sound, rocked the night together for one last time in their “Endless” concert at the Metrotent Convention Center last May 9!

It's been 15 years of electrifying rock music and 6 major albums for the Giant Sound of The South! A lot of people were shocked after the announcement of their hiatus on April 1st. Some didn't take it seriously and thought it was just a prank. Dubistas on the other hand were all in state of denial about the band breakup until Urbandub mentioned that the fight is really over on their official Facebook page.


15 years of Urbandub. We in the band, past and present members, still can't believe we lasted this long. What started...

Posted by Urbandub on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

During our MYXclusive interview with the band, frontman Gabby Alipe said that they really wanted to announce the disbandment on April 1 because it's the "First of Summer", making it sentimental and at the same time enigmatic as the said date is known to be April Fool's Day.

The sold-out farewell concert commenced wildly as Franco took the stage by storm as an opening act! Franco is a good friend of the band and has joined other Urbandub gigs in the past. Franco delivered a spectacular set as they performed their hits such as "To Survive", "Better Days", "Touch The Sky", and "Song For The Suspect".

“Embrace so much tighter, this could be our last together”

"Endless" was the last concert event that Dubistas would see John, Janjan, Lalay, and Gabby perform as a band! They played a powerful set list, encompassing their hits for the past decade and a half.

Another key reason for the band’s breakup was the fact that they now want to spend more time with their respective families. Those family members shared the night with them along with close friends and colleagues! Onstage, an emotional Gabby said "It's time for a new generation of bands, a new generation of fans."  


The entire audience became emotional and ecstatic at the same time while witnessing the encore set. The band played their most notable songs from early albums that they do not usually perform in gigs.

After the bittersweet concert night, Gabby expressed his gratitude on Instagram!


The Aftermath...I took some time to just sit back and relax. I took some time to finally check online all the stuff people wrote about urbandub leading to the ENDLESS CONCERT and after. I checked a lot of the photos and videos posted, all the beautiful comments and write ups full of praise and love for our band. I am overwhelmed with all of it. Words can't fully express the level of gratitude I feel right now and I'm sure my bandmates and our team feel the same way. I will forever be grateful to all the dubistas that showed up to the concert even to those that really tried to get tickets but couldn't, since the show was sold out. We knew people liked our band and our music but we never expected the level of intensity the people had at the concert. Hearing everybody in the audience sing so loud and go crazy gave me goosebumps the entire show. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to share our music with all of you. MAY 9 will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be in my memory as one the greatest nights of my life. It was all because of the dubistas that showed their never ending support and love. Thank you for allowing us to make our dreams a reality, for making us a part of your lives through the music, and forever putting a small cebuano band as part of pinoy Rock history. Nothing but love... #2003photo #2015photo To our hometown CEBU CITY, kamo nasad sunod. The perfect way to perform in Cebu is by the beach and with friends. Magkita tang tanan sa SUMMER SUNSCREAM, uban mi sa FRANCO, POWERSPOONZ ug KAMIKAZEE! #UrbandubENDLESS

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Here is the "Endless" farewell concert set list!

Kudos to Urbandub! Your songs will endlessly play through in the hearts and minds of all Dubistas! Permanent. Just like "A New Tattoo".

What songs of Urbandub are you going to cherish endlessly? Feel free to leave a comment below!