11 Proven Tips For Job Seekers!

Welcome to the "real world”!

Summer is indeed the job-hunting season for fresh graduates. We know that you are all excited in landing a job after receiving your diploma, so we came up with a list of proven tips that can help you to get into your chosen career.

Stand out with your resume.

Make it interesting, easy to navigate, and unique. Always highlight your accomplishments and strengths.

Ace your interviews.

Sell yourself to the employer. Share what you can contribute to the company. Your answers are way more important than your dashing corporate outfit so better research the position you’re applying for and the company itself.

Have the right mindset.

If you are serious in achieving the job title you think you deserve, expect to hurdle sets of tests and challenges. Get enough sleep before going to your appointment so you can think more clearly!

Apply on your own.

Now that you are in the real world, be the brave version of you. It’s fun applying along with your comrades but in the long run, it's more fulfilling to go your own way and chase that career path all by yourself. 

Take advantage of social media.

Knowledge in information technology is a big plus. Different social networking platforms can be useful tools - just delete those unbecoming selfies and rants! 

Manage your “job-seeker allowance” wisely.  

You want a job so you can support yourself and not depend on Mom and Dad anymore. So be thrifty while you aren't earning your own money yet. And be sure to treat your parents when you finally get your first paycheck!

Familiarize yourself with the location.

Don't just ride a cab and leave it all up to the driver. Consider the traffic situation when planning the best route. Sometimes taking the MRT/LRT or shuttle service is more advisable. There might be long lines so come early.

Keep your things safe.

As a job seeker, your bag or envelope containing all of your requirements and IDs is your lifeline and weapon. Take care of it and avoid ugly hassles.

Don’t lie about your experience or skills.

Don’t. Just don’t. It will eventually backfire!

Never get tired of applying after getting declined.

Just try and try, you’re a fresh graduate by the way. Strive to be better and keep your spirit high.

Have an aura full of positivity and willingness to learn.

Employers love to see that burning passion in you. Every ounce of optimism will surely help too. Believe in yourself and your set of skills. Soon, you will surely get that job you want the most!

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  • Dean13th

    posted 2 years ago

    and trust GOD with all your heart because he always has a good and better plans for us! :)