WATCH: Man vs. Burrito-zilla!

Devouring massive amounts of food comes easy for a guy like Matt Stonie - a competitive eater who has become famous on the web! In honor of reaching 500,000 Youtube fans, he decided to challenge himself with a battle between him and "burrito-zilla"!

Matt takes on a whopping 5-pound, 18-inch burrito in this video that has gone viral with over a million views! This was one of the very first eating challenges he had to do back in June 2010! But now after five years, he's ready to beat his record! It took him roughly 15 minutes to finish off that burrito, and this time... let's just say he practically "inhaled" that huge chunk of Mexican goodness!

Find out how fast he ate the burrito-zilla by watching the video below!

Video Source: Matt Stonie

How fast do you think you can finish that burrito-zilla? Share your reactions in the comments section!