WATCH: VJ ROBI & VJ ERICA Get Pranked By MYX Staff!

Being a MYX VJ is so much fun! They get to try exciting activities, visit cool places, watch concerts for free, and meet local and international artists. Plus, they're super blessed because the MYX staff is composed of the nicest, most caring people who treat them really well. Or so you thought!

The MYX staff doled out some tough love on our VJs by pulling a couple of hilarious pranks! The first unsuspecting victim was the adventurous VJ Erica who tried a new "game" with MYX writer Sue. Watch her priceless reaction in the video below!


After Erica's howling performance ala Thalia, she was in on the next prank which MYX writer Judey pulled on VJ Robi this time! Robi was caught off guard while being taught another childhood game! Check it out!


Kudos to VJ Erica and VJ Robi for being good sports! Don't try this at home!

What can you say about these prank videos? Do you still want to be a MYX VJ after watching them? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



  • JellyMarie

    posted 2 years ago

    Hahaha Vj Robi's Reaction though haha priceless. And I like the childhood game "Marimar" oldies but goodies