Kyuhyun Calls Super Junior "Ugly Ducklings"

Leeteuk and Kyuhyun of Super Junior posted photos of themselves clutching their awards from the recently concluded Golden Disc Awards.

The two were clearly pleased in bagging multiple awards from the awards show, tweeting each other back and forth and thanking fans for their continued support. Kyuhyun jested, calling themselves "ugly ducklings," tweeting: ôOkay, here goes nothing. Thank you E.L.Fs and everyone else who loved and supported us æugly ducklingsÆ Super Junior so that we can receive such awards. I donÆt say things like this very often, butà I love you all ?ö along with the photo below.

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Shortly after, Super Junior leader Leeteuk tweeted: ôWe finally did it! We couldnÆt have received these awards without your love and support! Always so grateful and feel like we havenÆt returned enough back to you. So grateful and excited! We are the first in all of Golden Disc Award history to receive four top awards! To all of our E.L.Fs that loved us, loved our music, and created pleasant memories for us- I love you all

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  • Chae Ri

    posted 4 years ago

    Super junior is ugly ducklings and dorks!! Whahaha xD Saranghaeyo suju!!! :*

  • foreverELFish

    posted 5 years ago

    I'm so proud of the boys. grabe. mangiyak ngiyak pa ko sa sobrang tuwa nang manalo sila. ELFs and SuJu HWAITING~!

  • lych_0802

    posted 5 years ago

    ahahaha...super junior the ugly ducklings...btw congrats to super junior for winning 4 awards in GDA...i will be always an E.L.F and a SONE too...

  • kyurockmyworld

    posted 5 years ago

    WOW! so proud to be an E.L.F :D

  • richelle_elf

    posted 5 years ago

    wow!~!! :D