WATCH: VJ AI And VJ CHINO Surprise An Avid MYX Fan!

Heart-warming, touching and fulfilling - these are the words that could only approximately describe our remarkable experience when we surprised avid MYX fan Aton!

We found out about Aton when MYX Channel Head and MYX Magazine Editor-In-Chief Andre Allan Alvarez checked the Facebook page of MYX Mag. He came across a message from the mother of 13-year old Aton who has a degree of autism and is a huge fan of MYX. According to Mommy Anne, they were trying to complete his MYX Mag collection, but had a difficult time finding some issues. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to pay it forward by surprising Aton with his own MYX Mag copies and other goodies to make him happy!

We documented the entire surprise to share with you all and we can honestly say that it was an experience we will never forget! Here's how it all went down:


VJ Chino, VJ Ai and Sir Andre shared their thoughts after the heart-warming encounter with Aton!


We came to surprise Aton, but gained so much more - the refreshing experience that gave us a whole new perspective, drive and motivation to keep doing what we do at MYX! And we owe it all to this avid MYX fan!

The entire MYX family would like to thank you very much Aton for all of the love and support!



  • iselramos44

    posted 2 years ago

    What a nice young man who likes Myx because this guy with autism is such a fan of Myx especially reading some magazines and other stuffs was ave to him from some Myx staffs.We love this teenager who is a mild autism