WATCH: TAYLOR SWIFT's Kick-Ass "Bad Blood" Music Video!

Taylor Swift knows she's got bad blood!

Swifties all over the world rejoiced with the release of the highly-anticipated "Bad Blood" music video featuring Kendrick Lamar and this may be her best release yet! 

The promotion of this music video is beyond genius, even other celebrities have been looking forward to its premiere! Some even call it revolutionary and we just can't get enough of this new side of Taylor Swift! Instead of the usual senti-Swift, we see her fierce side with her badass crew!

If you haven't seen the "Bad Blood" music video yet, well what are you waiting for? Check it out below!

Video Source: TaylorSwiftVEVO

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  • essylle21

    posted 2 years ago

    I love her red hair!!!

  • Fearless Shan

    posted 2 years ago

    Taylor Swift was ultimately slaying!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP! #BADBLOOD was a record holder ever. :D

  • SwiftyNathalyn

    posted 2 years ago

    Taylor Swift is just the best :D

  • markin

    posted 2 years ago

    haters gonna hate #katycats,nice MV OMG look at that face u look like my next mistake.,hahahahaha.,lakas maka movie ng MV..,
    #BadBlood #RipMe

  • rodney_cullen

    posted 2 years ago

    She's not vocally a really great singer, she can just sing. I don't get it why a lot of people love this bitch!