Pinoy Fan Shares The Stage With Simple Plan!

It's sure that the guys of Simple Plan had no jet lag when they arrived to the Philippines as they treat their fans to an intimate but rockin' experience backstage during their Soundcheck Party! 

Simple Plan were generous enough to open the backstage for the fans with not the usual meet and greet! They had almost a hundred fans line up, sign autographs and take pictures with them one by one! Surely, everyone had a quality time with the boys but it didn't end there! During the soundcheck, they had their fans party and give them a sample of what'll happen tonight.

But one lucky girl was handpicked among the crowd to sing "Jet Lag" with the boys! Check out her performance here!

Rica Singh, a hardcore Simple Plan fan since she was 5 years old, was the lucky girl! Still in awe after her jamming with her most favorite band in the world, she relates her experience with! Check out some of our photos from the Simple Plan Soundcheck Party HERE

Enjoy the concert tonight!