MYXclusive: OPM Lives at Fête de la Route 196!

We had a delightfully rich OPM experience at The Route 196 leg of Battle of The Bars!

Fête de la Route 196 is a musical gathering of the finest indie and established local artists today! The lively event was pulled off without a dull moment, thanks to the wit and humor of host Tuesday Vargas who also performed with her husband Coy as The Placidos.

Talented musicians such as Reese and Rita, Aia De Leon, and Bullet Dumas turned the hype up at the Fête de la Route 196 early.

Itchyworms had a jam-packed set while The Diegos and Tmacvibe were featured in The Lounge!

Rocking the famous Route 196 main stage were Ebe Dancel, Autotelic, Sud, Assembly Generals, Cheats, and The Oktaves!

Every act who played at Route 196 was worth staying for, according to the fans who attended the musical gathering. OPM surely lives on!

Check out more MYXclusive photos from the event HERE!

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