LOOK: VICE GANDA Without Makeup!

We got to see Vice Ganda in a whole different way on It's Showtime today! During the "AdVice Ganda" segment of the show, the comedian began strip off all of his beauty enhancements in front of everyone!

Vice Ganda began to take off his hair extensions, false eyelashes, and contact lenses then wiped off all of his makeup to show that he is still beautiful! It seems that after his successful concert at the Big Dome, Vice is really bent on carrying out his advocacy of being proud of who you are! 

This is how Vice Ganda looked on the show after he took off all of his beauty enhancements. He captioned this photo with the hashtag: #ProudToBeMe!



A photo posted by Jose Marie Viceral (@praybeytbenjamin) on

Are you proud to be yourself? Do you have a message for Vice Ganda? Feel free to leave a comment!