Frank! is an ultimate throwback record from OPM rock band Franco! Released on November 2014, the EP contains six tracks that frontman Franco Reyes himself wrote years ago and recorded by the band’s current lineup.

It's like an attractive lass that you want to approach as soon as you see her. As you start listening to the first track "Spin and Fall", you'll surely want to get more! The EP's sound is the result of Franco's genuine harmony and musical arrangement that they've been cultivating over the years! It sticks to the memory and sends you to your feet. Frank! is the perfect record for those who want some serious OPM rock and roll adrenaline any time of day!

Known for their aggressive yet accurately controlled rock sound, Franco tells the song's stories finely that it can hit any listener's soft spots in a jiffy! If there is one word to describe Frank!, that would be "hypnotic". Franco's pitch perfect guitar solos, melodic drums, and gritty vocals will mesmerize even the skeptic listeners!

If you've loved the band since their debut album, then listen to this EP as soon as possible and add it to your collection! Franco's uniqueness as a group and technical musicianship never fail to fascinate rock fans.

Most notable tracks in the Frank! EP are "Stupid Me", "Spin and Fall" and "Manipulator"!

Frank! Track Listing
Spin and Fall
Stupid Me
Prophetic Eyes
I Want You

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