WATCH: Epic Graduation Performance!

The Batch 2015 graduates from Kahuku High School in Hawaii may have just performed the most epic graduation number!

Some of us just walk up the stage, get our diploma and maybe do a simple song number with the entire batch. But this class made High School Musical a reality with their amazing mash-up of pop songs complimented with synchronized dance moves that will make you wish that you graduated with them! And to think that they only learned this whole set in a span of two days! From "Uptown Funk" to busting the "Whip/Nae Nae" - these students know how to put on the perfect number!

Congratulations to this batch of graduates! You've officially performed the coolest graduation number yet! Check it out in the video below!

Video Source: MoStreetProductions

Don't you wish you graduated with this class? Which part of their performance did you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments section!