LOOK: Five FOO FIGHTERS Songs That Never Ever Grow Old!

For over 20 years in the international rock and roll scene, Foo Fighters' illustrious legacy is beyond compare! Here are five classic Foo Fighters songs that are still eargasmic and LSS-inducing even in 2015!

5. BIG ME (1995)

"Well I talked about it, put it on

Never was it true

But it's you, I fell into"

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"What if I say I'm not like the others?

What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?

You're the pretender

What if I say I will never surrender?"

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3. BEST OF YOU (2005)

"Are you gone and onto someone new?

I needed somewhere to hang my head

Without your noose

You gave me something that I didn't have

But had no use

I was too weak to give in

Too strong to lose

My heart is under arrest again

But I break loose

My head is giving me life or death

But I can't choose"

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2. MY HERO (1995)

"Truth or consequence, say it aloud

Use that evidence, race it around

There goes my hero

Watch him as he goes

There goes my hero

He's ordinary"

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1. EVERLONG (1995)

"And I wonder

When I sing along with you

If everything could ever feel this real forever

If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you

You gotta promise not to stop when I say when she sang"

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