WATCH: Full Episode Of MYX MOVIE DATE (June 8, 2015)!

Jurassic Park fans are in for a ride because the gates to Jurassic World are finally open! We feature the much-awaited fourth installment of the film series on this week's MYX Movie Date! From the world of dinosaurs, we also get into the equally wild world of Hollywood as Entourage returns on the big screen!

Get giddy over the breakout loveteam Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil's upcoming rom-com Just The Way You Are! We caught up with director Theodore Boborol and LizQuen's co-stars Marco Gumabao, Yves Flores, Sue Ramirez and Yayo Aguila during the grand presscon! 

If you missed out on this week's MYX Movie Date, you can watch the full episode below:

Part 1 of 3:


Part 2 of 3:


Part 3 of 3:


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