Awkward Reunion Between JLo and Marc Anthony


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were seen together again last Saturday to promote their new project. The stars, who announced their break-up last year after seven years of marriage, talked briefly about a new music series they were producing called "Q'Viva! The Chosen" which premieres on Univision on Jan. 28, reports.

As both stars have been rumored to have new love interests, the report further noted the awkward exchange between the two stars prior to the interview as "Marc Anthony reached down to offer his hand and help Lopez climb three stairs to the stage, and later admired the four sparkling rings on her left hand."

According to JLo, however, everything's just peachy. "It was like any time that we work together," she said. "We have a great time working together."

In "Q'Viva! The Chosen," the two stars, along with Jamie King, will scour north and south America in search of aspiring artists who will compete in the United States for a live competition of Latin music and entertainment. While, the format has been likened to the singing competition "American Idol" where JLo also serves as a judge, Marc Anthony clarified that "Q'Viva!" is more than just a talent show.

"We're not judges," he explained. "We're show producers. We're putting together a live show and we're documenting the process."

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What do you think? Will they be able to keep things strictly professional?