Champ Lui Pio Charts Out Somedaydream's Future

He's the man with the plan. A lot of plans, actually. Which made us wonder how Champ Lui Pio manages to juggle it all.

Watch our exclusive interview with the former Hale front man, Mecca Music's CEO, Somedaydream's manager extraordinaire, 
and all around busy person, as he reveals his plans for Somedaydream, Mecca Music, himself (in that order), and how he keeps track of it all.



  • ukissme_ghurl07

    posted 5 years ago

    :I think,Champ Lui Pio is such a wonderful person and an awesome Manager for Somedaydream.,.,he always makes good decisions and plans for the career and future of Somedaydream.,. so i'll give you 2 THUMBS UP!!!!^^: and i promise that i'll support you and Somedaydream for whatever plans you'll make!! FIGHTING!! pls. continue to make good songs that will inspire other people.,.like me^^ -from a certified 'DReAmEr'