LOOK: FOO FIGHTERS Frontman Breaks Leg During Concert!

We all know the saying "Break a leg" before heading onstage for a performance! Well it seems that Dave Grohl took it a bit too seriously as the Foo Fighters frontman badly injured his leg after a dramatic fall at a recent festival in Gothenburg, Sweden!

The rock icon apparently lost his footing, causing him to fall off of the edge of the stage! Watch the video below to see what happened!

Video Source: Fredric Ercsson

Despite this unfortunate accident, the former Nirvana drummer was still in high spirits and abided by the other famous saying "The show must go on"! As the paramedics took care of him backstage, the rest of the Foo Fighters played a set with Taylor Hawkins doing vocals! After 15 minutes, Dave Grohl returned with his leg wrapped up while on a chair! Now that's the way to finish off a show! 

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