Cheers To VJ CHINO's Birthday!

Cha-ching! Cheers to our chill resident VJ Chino as he celebrates his birthday today!

We all know VJ "Ching-ching" for his contagious and perfect smile that we're all absolutely jealous of! Stolen or not - Chino still manages to pull off that perfect smile that shows his pearly-whites! What can we say, Chino is definitely gifted.

But aside from that, Chino is always a pleasure to work with as is one of the most cool, calm and collected guys who just knows how to have a good time! High on life and down-to-earth - Chino is the kind of guy who's great to hangout with! Just check out what some of our MYX VJs had to say about the birthday boy in the videos below!




Happy Birthday VJ Chino from your MYX family!

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