WATCH: 2PM Reveals "My House" Music Video!

K-Pop boy group 2PM just released the music video for their comeback single "My House"!

2PM fans are getting giddy over this new video which revolves around the well-known Cinderella story! Each of the members try to get a beautiful princess to fall in love of him by serenading her. Will any of them win her heart? Find out by watching the video below!

Video Source: jypentertainment

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  • libra_khim

    posted 2 years ago

    good job 2PM.. still the best sexy beast ever! fighting 2PM ^_^
    god bless you all.,.

  • rannelpot

    posted 2 years ago

    2PM, perfect as ever! great job for jun.k for composing this song. those hip thrusts just WOW, super sexy. every member is perfect! The MV is so refreshing with fairytale concept. Wooyoung as snow white's evil queen jjang! 2PM fighting!