MYXclusive: Get To Know Swedish Superstar DARIN!

From being an inexperienced singer-songwriter to winning 2nd place in the Swedish television show Idol and now emerging as an internationally-known superstar - Darin continues to catch the attention of music lovers and artists alike with his continuously growing passion for his craft!

Since the young age of 14, Darin has been writing his own songs! He was only 17 when his debut album The Anthem was released in 2005. With his latest album Exit (2013) debuting at #1 and achieving gold status on its first week of release in Sweden, Darin isn't about to "exit" the music scene! 

MYX is so honored to score Darin's first-ever interview in the Philippines! We learned that he's got something big in store for all of his Filipino fans! What could that be? Find out by watching our MYXclusive interview with the Swedish superstar below!


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