LOOK: Father's Day Playlist!

This weekend is devoted to honoring our dads who influenced and nurtured us! Let's jam to our heartfelt Father's Day playlist!

Father & Son - Cat Stevens

The quintessential Father's Day song!

Video Courtesy: hg94s

Papa Don't Preach - Madonna

This touching video proves that our fathers will always love us no matter what!

Video Courtesy: madonna

Just The Two Of Us - Will Smith

Jaden and Willow's cool dad appears with his firstborn Trey in this video!

Video Courtesy WillSmithVEVO

I Learned From You - Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus

She may be all grown up now, but Miley will always be her daddy's little girl

Video Courtesy: TheLunarAngel

Daddy - Beyoncé

Beyonce released this tribute years before firing Mr. Knowles as her manager!

Video Courtesy: DestinysChildRadio

Daughters - John Mayer

Here's a reminder for fathers to be always present for their kids!

Video Courtesy: JohnMayerVEVO

Frank D. Fixer - Jason Mraz

We think of our Dads as superheroes...

Video Courtesy: Jason Mraz

Even My Dad Does Sometimes - Ed Sheeran

...But don't forget that they're human too!

Video Courtesy: TiannaJalen,span>

Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross

Let's love our Dads while we still can!

Video Courtesy: LutherVandrossVEVO

What other songs do you think would be very fitting as well for Father's Day? Share them in the comments section!