UPDATED: Overeager Fans Injure ZE:A Members

Overeager fans accidentally hit some members of K-Pop boy band ZE:A as they fought their way to get closer to the stars.

According to an insider, Kevin received a blow to the face by an excited fan during the Glorietta leg of their mall tour last Friday. Though some say it was Jun Young who was hit while making their way out of the venue. Only ZE:A members can say for sure.

Other members were also seen covering their faces after throngs of fans crowded around them. Though the boys did not leave unscathed, they did receive a very warm reception as they performed in Glorietta Activity Center packed with screaming Filipino K-Pop fans who gleefully cheered their performances.

Watch a clip of their performance here!

The boys are here for a mall tour to promote their "Exciting" album after touring other countries in Asia, including Japan. Also known as Children of Empire, as they gained recognition with their appearances in MnetÆs Empire Kids (Office Reality) TV show and the documentary "Empire Kids Returns," ZE:A is comprised of 9 members namely Moon Jun Young, Kevin, Hwang Kwang Hee, Siwan, Kim Tae Heon, Jung Hee Cheol, Ha Min Woo, Park Hyung Sik, and the youngest Kim Dong Jun.

They dropped by the MYX Studios last Friday for "MYX Presents! ZE:A" which will air on February 2 at 9:00PM. Stay tuned! Check out our MORE EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS from their studio visit!

FUN TRIVIA! We have insider information that the guys of ZE:A share the same make-up artist as 2NE1's Sandara Park. Mie, the make-up artist, worked with the 2NE1 member before working with ZE:A. Mie reported to Sandara that she's currently in the Philippines who then relayed the message to our insider who promptly met with Mie while they were taping for MYX. It's a small world after all!