Happy Birthday, VJ AI!

Ayiiiieh! It's the birthday of our cutest, bubbly and carefree resident VJ Ai!

We all know and love Ai for her infectious smile that could brighten anyone's day! There's never a dull moment with Ai as she's always loaded with stories to share, and at the same time, she's always there to listen!

If you didn't already know, VJ Ai is an EXO-L and has a huge crush on member Kai who she considers as the best dancer in the K-Pop world! The host of MYX Ambushed and MYX Movie Date is a known Sheerio and Lego lover, but she doesn't eat rice and avoids the sun at all costs! These are just some fun facts about the beautiful Ai that we love!

Some of her fellow MYX VJs gave a personal message for the birthday girl and shared what they absolutely love about Ai! Check it out in the video below!


Happy Birthday VJ Ai from your MYX family! Send your birthday greetings for Ai in the comments section!