WATCH: YANIS MARSHALL Sends Shoutout To Filipino Supporters!

We all know Yanis Marshall through his fiercely amazing viral videos of him dancing while in heels! Well, the "Man In Heels" came all the way from France to visit the Philippines - something he has always wanted to do, ever since he found out that he had so many supporters here!

During our interview with Yanis Marshall, he recalled "[Philippines] is one of the first countries that was supporting and kinda made me viral on Youtube if I remember well." That's what made it such a pleasure for him to finally come here, after four years of receiving so many messages from Filipino fans! It was an overwhelming feeling for the fierce dancer, so he wanted to send a special message to his Filipino supporters! Check it out in the video below!


We couldn't help but ask this talented performer how he started dancing in his secret weapon! And so, he explained how he became today's most well-known "Man In Heels"! Check it out in the video below!


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