MYXclusive: New Band NOT INFORMED Is Into Korean Girls!

Meet the new pop rock band under GMA Records - Not Informed! In case you didn't know, Not Informed released a song entitled "Bestfriend" months ago. And now, they're set to make your heads bang with their latest single "Koreana"!

According to the band, the song is plain and simple - it's about admiring a beautiful Korean lady! They're willing to hurdle cultural and communication issues just to be with the captivating Koreana!

FYI, the members of Not Informed got overwhelmed during our MYXclusive interview! Why? Because they finally got the chance to hold the MYX mic! They felt the same excitement that other artists also felt during their first time to be interviewed by the #1 music channel!

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos we snapped during Not Informed's music video shoot!

Guess what, the upcoming music video will feature an actual Koreana: Shine Kuk, the winner of Eat Bulaga's "You're My Foreignay" contest!

Are you excited for Not Informed's "Koreana" music video? Don't forget to leave a comment!