WATCH: BIGBANG Releases "Sober" Video Plus Brand New Song!

K-Pop group Bigbang gives a two-in-one treat as they just dropped the new song "If You" plus the music video "Sober"!

Fans are wondering why there's no music video for the sad song "If You", and according to some sources, it could be because the group is extremely busy on their world tour or they'd rather have fans focus on the music. Listen to "If You" in the video below:

Video Source: K-Music Cloud

As for "Sober", the feel is opposite from the track "If You" as it is very upbeat! The music video shows the guys in different locations, absolutely losing it to get sober! Check out Bigbang's music video for "Sober"!

Video Source: BIGBANG

Meanwhile, VIPs are celebrating the arrival of July since Bigbang finally returns to the Philippines later this month for the MADE world tour!

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