LOOK: Five BP VALENZUELA Songs That You Should Be Listening To!

That charming lass who creates eargasmic, lullaby-esque electronic music. That girl who writes songs in such a beautifully eccentric manner. That indie musician who’s making waves in different gigs wielding an electronic drum kit, synths, and sometimes a guitar. She's BP Valenzuela!

If you still don't know her yet, here's a short list of BP Valenzuela songs that you should start listening to now - all from her album The Neon Hour which was released last March! Better have your headphones ready and listen to these LSS-inducing tracks while on the road or chilling in your bed!

Great Expectations

Even If You Asked Me


Pretty Car 

Her melancholic song "Steady" is already being played on MYX. Haven’t seen the music video? Watch it right here!

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