WATCH: TAYLOR SWIFT's "Bad Blood" Sung In 20 Different Styles!

Mr. Ten Second Songs strikes again! After singing hits like Katy Perry's "Dark Horse", Ariana Grande's "Problem", and Linkin' Park's "In The End" in 20 different musician styles, he triumphantly made a rendition of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"!

In case you don't know this Youtube sensation yet, Mr. Ten Second Songs is Anthony Vincent and he's been doing song covers in 20 different styles for quite some time! Being able to imitate various artists precisely is such a hard feat, so whether you're one of the millions of Swifies or not, you'll surely find this guy amazing!

Watch Mr. Ten Second Songs as he sings Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" in 20 different styles in the video below!

Video Courtesy: Ten Second Songs

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