MYXclusive: DANIEL PADILLA Is Feeling Good About His Upcoming Music Video!

Teen King Daniel Padilla channels his inner James Brown in the upcoming music video "I Feel Good" which finally premieres on MYX this Friday, September 11 at 7pm!

We were so fortunate to go behind-the-scenes of his music video shoot last July 5! DJ admitted in our past interviews that he doesn't really enjoy making music videos since he gets self-conscious, but the heartthrob was actually feeling good after this particular shoot. "Ang ganda ng ginawa namin at masaya!" he said in our MYXclusive chat!

We're sure you all want to take a glimpse of what went down during the shoot, so check out our MYXclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interview with Daniel Padilla who contributed a lot of ideas and helped shape the creative vision for the music video!

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