LOOK: Why Did JUSTIN BIEBER Delete His Butt Pic?

Justin Biber already deleted his butt pic which broke the Internet! He explained the reason why through another viral Instagram post!

According to the 21-year old artist, it was only meant as a joke but he forgot to consider his young followers! His apology seemed to break the Internet too with over a million likes in less than two days!

Should he have deleted the butt pic? Share your reaction in the comments section!



  • silent924

    posted 2 years ago

    *He knows to value and respect

  • silent924

    posted 2 years ago

    Yes.because he is a public figure like what he said many young children follows him it's not pleasant at all.i admire him for deleting then means he knows to Cali and respect little ones also.very manly well done JB. Very sensible decision indeed.hope he will keep it up!