WATCH: Full Episode Of MYX MOVIE DATE (July 13, 2015)

This week on MYX Movie Date, we have a special treat for Marvel fans: the much-anticipated film Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd! Also in this episode is the sizzling hot Magic Mike XXL starring Channing Tatum!

Fans of Nadine Lustre need to grab a hold of your seats as we feature her latest big screen project Chain Mail directed by Adolf Alix Jr. We were able to chat with Nadine and her co-stars at the horror movie's premiere where she shared her thoughts about this hair-raising flick!

Folk-pop singers Michael and Carissa Alvarado aka Us The Duo also share their Fave 5 movies!

If you missed out on this week’s MYX Movie Date, you can watch the full episode below:


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Part 2 of 3: 


Part 3 of 3: 


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